How to Travel Light as a Woman


If there is one challenge women struggle with when traveling, it is packing light.  They feel that they need all their belongings with them. They will pack their toiletries, heels, makeup, fashionable clothes, walking shoes, evening dresses and pajamas among others things.  Some of the clothes they will end up not wearing.

Choose the Versatile Clothes

Versatile clothes come in handy when you want to travel light. These are the kind of clothes that you can wear with anything and anytime that you feel like. This means that you do not have to pack different types of clothes for every place that you visit.

This also applies to shoes. Carry one pair or two pairs of shoes that you can wear with anything. You need to be sure about the weather so that you can carry the right clothes and shoes. 

Carry Clothes that Are Not Too Heavy

This can be tricky when it’s chilly but you can carry one trench coat and some warm but light clothes. There are those tops and bottoms that are warm but are light such as leggings and sweat pants. Leggings will not take up much space in your bag and the best thing is that they can be paired with anything.

Pack Only What You Need

As a woman, you may be tempted to carry everything in your closet. This simply means that whatever you are going to carry, you will use it and you will not carry anything just in case you might wear it. Avoid carrying a dress or a pair of heels that you might end up not wearing. 

Force Yourself to Pack Light

You are probably wondering how you can do this. One great way to do so is to have a small traveling bag or a back pack rather than having the large suitcases that you are used to. You can also opt for convertible or expandable bags. 

What Are The Clothes That You Should Carry?

Although this highly depends on personal preference, it’s important you consider clothes that will not take up much space, clothes that are easy to dry and clothes that do not need ironing. You might stay in some hotels that do not offer ironing options. 


Packing light does not mean that you will not be fashionable when you travel abroad. By pairing your bottoms, tops, scarves and shoes properly, you will look fashionable when enjoying your trip abroad. It is also important you chose neutral or dark colored clothes to prevent dirt from being too visible.  

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